How much should your budget for marketing?

You decided that youwant to implement some
type of marketing budget. But the major
question is, of course, how much marketing budget?
Obviously, this will look different for
everyone. However, here are a few factors
to consider when deciding on your
marketing budget:
• Your overall business goals
• Your buyer’s journey or sales funnel
• Industry trends
• Your target audience
• Business expenses aside from
Once you’ve looked at those aspects of
your marketing plan, you can decide how
you’ll source your marketing budget. For
example, you could establish a dollar
amount for the year or quarter, take it as a
percentage of your revenue, or cap off your
budget once certain goals are met.
This is entirely up to what works for
you, but most businesses allocate their
marketing budget based on a percentage of  budget.

ROI Marketing llc. budget guidelines;

We recommend that local businesses
start with about 10%
of their revenue going
towards marketing. For
growing your business,
that number could climb
as high as 14% or more.

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